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A fund for investing in all economic cycles

"Many of us seem to have a have a sense for what is coming. Based on years of research and identified cycles,

I believe I have more than a sense.

I will position this fund around what I consider to be the strongest demographic trends around the world.
It is the future we must look to. I hope you might join me in the journey!"

Harry S. Dent, Jr

A focus on the future

The Fund will build diversification.

The Fund will likely give investors exposure to aged care, health care, cosmetics and tourism.

How to invest?

Start by reading the PDS.

You can apply here.

Who can invest?

There are no restrictions on investor types: trustees, companies, individuals and others can invest. For the moment though, this fund is only available in Australia and New Zealand. We are working towards a fund that is available to investors in other countries.

What does it cost?

Our goal is to make this fund, like the future, for everyone.